viewneo Hardware

Hardware for viewneo digital signage

The viewneo digital signage system is more than just the software that's used to control the content on your screens. The Digital Signage Player is the piece that connects it all together. This allows the content which is created in the Content Management System (CMS), such as images, videos, or templates to be displayed.

Please also note the possibility to use other players with other operating systems with limited functionality. For Windows, Linux and Mac and Android there is viewneo player and screensaver as software player for free download. More information here.

Playback Device: Digital Signage Player

These playback devices, which are referred to as either a Digital Signage Player or Player are a necessary component for the operation of the viewneo system.

Integrated players: There are a variety of devices in which the player is fully integrated (monitors, all-in-one systems). With these systems, the player is integrated into the display. Some examples of these type of systems are:

  • Philips DS-Monitors D-Series (integrated player with Android operating system)
  • Samsung SoC or Tizen Monitors (no longer supported by viewneo)

List of the most common digital signage players for viewneo

viewneo PlayerIn the viewneo online shop you can find the current models of all viewneo players from 2k resolution (or Full HD) to 4K resolution (or UHD). You'll find them here.
Amazon Fire TVThese devices can be found on Amazon in various designs up to a maximum screen resolution of 4K.

More Information

See the hardware section of this online manual for more information on viewneo Digital Signage Players.