viewneo Butler (IoT)


The viewneo Butler is a device that allows events that effect the contents of digital signage monitors, such as:

  • Video A is played or
  • Video B has ended

with external actions, such as:

  • Lamp A turns on, lamp B turns off or
  • RGB lamp C switches to a different color (for example, from red to green)

can be linked.

Additionally, you can also react to external actions using Digital Signage content. For example, if a product is removed from a shelf, the sensors recognize this and send a signal to the viewneo Butler. This sends a further signal to the Digital Signage player, that changes the content which is shown. Therefore you could have the following scenario:

  • Product is taken off a shelf (IoT sensor reports a signal to the Butler)
  • Information about the product is displayed on a monitor.

What is the viewneo Butler?

The viewneo Butler is in an IoT hub (IoT = Internet of Things), that interacts with external devices, such as:

  • Lamps
  • Motors (turntable, fan)
  • Sockets (ZigBee radio-controlled sockets)

By being able to control power sockets, almost any electrical device can be controlled with the viewneo Butler.

With the viewneo Butler Digital Experiences can be created, which go far beyond the limits of digital signage monitors.

You can learn more about the viewneo Butler can be found under Extensions and Plugins.