Practical Examples by Sector

We envision this section growing over time as we add in comprehensive examples of how viewneo can be implemented in various industries. Often it is much easier to understand the variety of different applications of the viewneo system by using a sample project. Some examples are for illustrative purposes, while others are based upon real projects by viewneo users.

From planning to rollout: The step-by-step instructions

See how to implement a project in just a few steps. From the idea, to the content concept, the planning of the hardware and the actual operation: These individual steps explain how to use viewneo and the thought process behind how it’s used. The goal is to make it easy and understandable, just like our Digital Signage.

We are always working on developing more examples. Thanks for your patience.

Currently the following tutorials are available:

  • Digital Signage in Hotels Based on a fictitious project, this example helps to make clear how viewneo can be used for information, ambience, and advertising in a hotel.

  • Digital Signage Technology Software is only part of digital signage systems. In this chapter, we will discuss and explain digital signage hardware.