Template Plugin

How to Use the Plugin

Additional information on how to unlock Plugins can be found here.

Plugin Properties

The viewneo Template Plugin gives you the possibility to design templates which can then be used to create slides. It allows you to change multiple template-based slides in one, single step.

Plugin Benefits

Specially designed to help franchises or centrally-managed branch systems, the viewneo Template Plugin has the following benefits:

  • Update a variety of content quickly and easily
  • Ensure a consistent corporate design and presentation
  • Access to professionally-designed templates
  • Easily change content as your offers change

Using the Plugin

Once you have activated the viewneo Template Plugin, you will have additional menu items available when you select create content.

There are two options: “create template” and “create from template”. And while they look almost exactly alike there are a couple of key differences between the two. The first step is always to create a template. Once this is done, you will then be able to create content/slides from the template. The process of creating a template is similar to creating a slide. The key difference is that there is a new option “can be edited” which is only available for templates.

Enabling the editing function for elements (such as a text box or image), allows you to modify and edit those elements in any slides which are created from the template. If you choose not to make an element editable, you will not be able to change them in slides created from the template.