Difference: Slides and Templates


The use and creation of slides is available to all viewneo users if the appropriate user rights has been granted. viewneo provides a variety of ready-made slides in the Free Content folder. These slides can be used, copied or duplicated as many times as needed.

Once a slide is created, you can can only use it once. If you want to use the same layout from the slide but want to change the text, you can duplicate the slide and then edit it. This saves you the time of having to recreate the entire slide. Then you can edit the text and have a new slide with similar design elements.


Templates are created in the same way as slides, but have some unique properties. While elements such as text, images, etc. are similar to slides, templates allow you to create placeholders.Templates can also be created in the Designer.But as soon as they are used in a playlist, templates are saved as and located under Content in viewneo. This is because "Template" stands for a flexible template, from which a new slide with corresponding changes can be created again and again.

Example: A large corporation would like to welcome visitors to the reception with up-to-date information in all its branches. Headquarters can create a template in which images and logos are fixed, non-editable elements, but the text field is a placeholder (ONLY the content, the position of the text box is also fixed), which can always be changed. This one template can then be used as a slide in any playlist of a branch. It is only necessary to enter the current information of the respective branch. This ensures compliance with the design across different locations. The result may be that a "main template" slide for 10 different locations is created. These 10 slides are then also saved in the media database with the individual texts in the placeholder. Additionally,when an element in the main template is changed (for example a logo relaunch), these changes are automatically applied to all generated slides.