Sentibar Plugin

How to Use the Plugin

You can find more information on how to activate plugins here.

The content of this plugin is only available in German and can be selected for the countries Germany and Austria.
The play duration of the playlist sentibar content cannot be changed, since this dependent on the video which is displayed.

The Sentibar plugin allows you to expand your playlist with content from the Knowledge and Quiz catagories. In order to be able to use Sentibar content, it must first be created in the media database. Just right-click in the media database and select Sentibar to start creating a Sentibar content.

Sentibar content has the following configuration options available:

Content source

In the content source, you select the country for which you want the content from the Quiz or Knowledge section to be displayed. You can choose from Germany or Austria.

Content type

For the content type, you can choose between Quiz and Knowledge. The Quiz content displays a question with up to three possible answers. After a short period of time, the correct answer will be displayed. Under the Knowledge catagory, general information on a specific topic will be shown.

Example Quiz (shortened preview)

Example Knowledge (shortened preview)

Play order

With the playback order you determine whether the content of the corresponding content type should always be played random or continuously.

Once you have selected the configuration you desire, click on the Create button to generate the content. It will be automatically saved in your media database.

Now you can drag the Sentibar content into your playlist and then save it. You can find additional information on how to add content to your playlists here.