viewneo Diwa

viewneo Diwa Set-Up Process

This section explains how to connect the viewneo Diwa with the viewneo Content Management System (CMS).

When you receive the viewneo Diwa, the E-Paper display will have a welcome screen. In order to start the setup process, please connect the viewneo Diwa to the power supply which was included in the shipment. The plug to charge the Diwa is located on the bottom of the stand.

After a short period of charging (approximately two to three minutes), the system will refresh and the welcome screen will go away and the setup process can continue.

A registration screen will appear with additional information on how to complete the registration process.

There are two options that you can use to register the viewneo Diwa:

  1. Recommended - Scan the QR code with a smartphone, and then connect with the WiFi hotspot. On the registration screen, a WiFi hotspot will be displayed. Please note that this hotspot will only be valid for approximately four minutes after it has been created. If the registration process is not completed during this time frame, a new hotspot code will be displayed and the new code will need to be used in order to complete the process.

Using your smartphone there are two options to configure the WiFi:

Configure WiFi (Suggested) - You will see a list of all of the available WiFi connections. Select the WiFi option that you would like to use and enter the WiFi password. This will allow Diwa to connect to the WiFi.

Configure WiFi (No Scan) - In order to use this option, you will need to know and enter correctly the SSID of the network.

  1. Scan the QR code with the companion app. The companion app is currently under development. When it is completed, we will provide updated information on how to complete the registration process using the app.

You will know that the registration process is successful when the Diwa screen flashes and indicates that the connection was successful.

Content Management System Connection

The next step is to connect your viewneo Diwa device with the viewneo content management system (CMS).

On the left side, select the Device Tab. From here, you will be able to add the viewneo Diwa to your account. Select E-Chalk Board Click on the yellow plus symbol to add a device group.

Enter a name for the device group. Additionally, you can set the update interval. There are three options in the dropdown located on the right: minutes, hours, or days. In the field on the left, you can enter the number which corresponds to the time frame, for example, 15 minutes. The update interval indicates how often the device group will check to see if there is a change in content. The shortest update interval which you can be set is 1 minute.

You will also need to select a media file that will be used to help identify your device group. Click on the empty square and you can either upload a file or select a file to represent the device group.

Under E-Chalk Board, click on the yellow plus symbol to add a specific device to your device group. Enter a name for the device, as well as, enter the activation key which is displayed on the Diwa screen. You can also adjust the update interval and media file or use the same configuration which is used for the device group

Adjusting Content

When you right-click on a device or device group, you will have the ability to make edits. For example, you can then adjust the update interval of a device or device group so that updates are processed sooner than previously scheduled.

Additionally, content for the viewneo Diwa can be adjusted using the viewneo app for IoS.

We are constantly working to expand the type of content which can be displayed using Diwa. Currently, only picture images are supported. Color images will automatically be converted to grayscale.

Additionally, we recommend using a 480 x 800 file size. While other file sizes can be used, it will cause the image to either be cut off or appear blurry.

Battery Life

The viewneo Diwa requires approximately 2.5 hours in order to be fully charged. Once fully charged each device has a maximum of 14 days of battery life. You can find more information about the level of the battery in the CMS. Additionally, you can also find out information about the last heartbeat, or the last time that the system connected with the viewneo CMS.

When the battery is low, a small notification bar will appear at the top of the display. However, the content will be still be displayed as scheduled. We recommend, however, that you reconnect the Diwa to a power supply when this notification appears.