paxconnect Plugin

Additional information on paxconnect can be found here

paxconnect is a tool developed for travel agencies that lets them design and create individual travel offers.

You can get more information on how viewneo Plugins work here.

The paxconnect Plugin allows you to easily tranfer your latest offers to the screen.

In order to use the Plugin it is necessary that you have a paxconnect code. Please see the paxconnect website (linked above) for additional on how to obtain a code.

Content for "paxconnect" can be created by right-clicking in the media library. Then select the paxconnect Plugin and you're on your way to generating content.

The next step involves adjusting the settings correctly. For example, it is important to enter the name and corresponding Pax code of the content correctly. Each "paxconnect" content can be configured individually, by selecting the color and font.

If you want to see how the advertisment will appear to your customers, you can use the preview function to see how the finished product will look.