Digital Signage Player

To use viewneo you need a Digital Signage Player or a Complete (All-in-One) System to display content on a monitor.

External DS-Player

External Players DS players are connected to a monitor via DVI or HDMI cable. They are independent of the monitor or the type of monitor manufacturer used. The following external digital signage players are able to be used with viewneo.

NamePhotoTypeOperating SystemSuitable forDescriptionExtrasLink
viewneo 4K SignageBoxExternal Media PlayerScreens with up to 4K resolution, video walls, stelesResolution: 2K / 4k, Housing: Aluminum, fanless, silent, 24/7 operation, portrait and landscape, FAQviewneo ready: Everything installed and preconfigured, SettingsLearn more
viewneo SignageStick 2External Media PlayerAndoidFull HD resolution screens (1920x1080)Case: aluminum, fanless, silent, portrait and landscape, resolution: 1920x1080, autostartviewneo ready: Everything installed and preconfigured, SettingsLearn more

Third-party DS players

Additionally, there are a number of devices from other manufacturers that also work with viewneo. However, we can not give any warranty on the full functionality, as we can not test every device from each manufacturer. Below are some devices, which we and our customers have had positive experiences with:

NamePhotoTypeOperating SystemSuitable forDescriptionExtrasLink
AOPEN MEP 110External DS-PlayerAndroidScreens with up to 4K resolution, video walls, stelesDS-Player with 2-4K resolution, silent, fanless, 24/7 operation-AOPEN
Chromebox CommercialExternal DS-PlayerChromeOSScreens with up to 4K resolution, video walls, steles24/7 operationChrome Device ManagementAOPEN

Software Player

NamePhotoTypeOperating SystemSuitable forDescriptionExtrasLink
viewneo Player Android-App-App (Software)AndroidAndroid player, functionality depends on the hardware used and can not be guaranteedAPK file-Download, Instructions
viewneo Player Chrome-App-App (Software)AllTest purposes, prototyping--Google Web Store

Special Solutions

NamePhotoTypeOperating SystemSuitable forDescriptionExtrasLink
Philips LED StripeRoom Signage DisplayAndroidRoom SignageSmall display especially useful for digital room signage. If rooms are occupied, the occupancy is displayed in addition to the next appointment. If the room is uninhabited, advertising or a code to book the room can be displayed.Colored LED Stripes indicate the occupancy (red / green)