viewneo Software

Cloud-based content management

viewneo is a cloud-based solution, which means you don't have to install any software to control the content on your screens. The viewneo Content Management System (CMS) can be found at: All you need is a browser to manage your screen content, create playlists, and upload media.

User Account

To use the Content Management System, you need a user account on viewneo. The guide for creating a user account will show you how to register for free with viewneo.

Recommended browsers

In general, you can use the most common browsers to operate viewneo. However, we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience. Typically, this browser has minimal issues even after updates.

Recommended browsers

  • Firefox (from version 10.1)
  • Chrome (from version 49)
  • Safari (from version 10.1)
  • Opera (from version 50)
  • Internet Explorer (from version 11)

Not Recommended to Use Mobile Devices.. Using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs is not recommended for accessing the viewneo Content Management System. While the web-based CMS can be accessed through a browser on mobile devices, it is not optimized for smaller screens and touch interfaces.

As most users perform their tasks in the viewneo Content Management System on a laptop or PC, we recommend using these devices for a better user experience. The larger display and comfortable keyboard or mouse control allow for more efficient and convenient use of the CMS.

Please note that some features may not function optimally on mobile devices, and not all options and settings may be available. To make the most of the Content Management System, we advise relying on a laptop or PC.