viewneo Software

Cloud-based content management

viewneo is cloud-based, which means you don't have to install any software to control the content on your screens. The Content Management System (CMS) of viewneo can be found at: [] ( All you need is a browser to control the content on the screens, create playlists, and upload media.

User Account

To use the Content Management System, you need to set up an account with viewneo. The section Create User Account, In the section Create user account, you will learn how to register for a free trial.

Recommended browsers

While viewneo can be used with most common browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome. Our experience shows that when using Google Chrome, our users experience fewer problems after a system update.

Recommended Browser List

  • Firefox (from version 10.1)
  • Chrome (from version 49)
  • Safari (from version 10.1)
  • Opera (from version 50)
  • Internet Explorer (from version 11)

Using mobile devices to manage your viewneo content is not recommended.. Since the majority of viewneo users do their work in the Content Management System (CMS) with a notebook or PC, the web-based CMS is not optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, iPads, etc. Due to this we do not recommend using mobile devices as your only way of operating the content management system.