Weather Plugin

How to Use the Plugin

You can find additional information on how to unlock Plugins here.

The viewneo weather Plugin displays the current weather data as well as a forecast for the next couple of days.

In order to use weather content in a playlist, the first step is to create it in the media library. By right-clicking within the media library, a menu will open that allows you select from a variety of types of content, including weather.

Plugin Settings

Under the weather Plugin settings, you can select the city whose weather you would like to display. Under “Display Name” it is possible to set an alternative name (such as “Cafe Eigenwillig”), which will then be displayed on the screen. Additionally, you can select the temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius) in addition to the language. It’s weather that you can customize.

Once the desired weather content has been created, it can be integrated into a playlist like any other content. You can get more information on how this works here.