Integration with Zapier

With the viewneo Zapier integration, you can connect viewneo to over 1000+ apps and automate your digital signage content. There are a wide variety of applications available, such as: Google Calender, WordPress, WooComerce or Salesforce. All you have to do is to merge the application with viewneo and then transfer the desired content to your screens.

The links between the apps are called Zaps. In order to create a Zap, you will choose at least one trigger and one action between two or more apps.

For example, you can automatically adjust your viewneo playlist, depending on the Zapier weather forecast. For example:

If rain is predicted today, then switch to the playlist "umbrella advertising"

The following will show you how to set up the Zap outlined above step by step:

Step 1

Create your free Zapier account here.

Step 2

Switch to viewneo and select Plugins, located in the bottom left corner of the sidebar. This will open a window displaying all of the Plugins offered by viewneo.

Zapier will available as an option and should be selected.

Step 3

In the next modal you will find prefabricated templates for Zapier. For this little tutorial we will now choose "Change your viewneo playlist when it's a rainy day". By clicking on Use this Zap you will automatically be redirected to the Zapier site. If you are not logged in there, please do it now with your Zapier account.

Step 4

Follow the instructions to set up the Zap, you'll see it's very easy.

First comes the trigger. In this case, "Will it rain today" from the Weather by Zapier app. After selecting a location for your weather data, this step is complete.

Next we come to the action. Here comes the viewneo app to use with "Change playlist". However, you need to connect your viewneo account with Zapier. Simply click on "Connect to Account" and confirm the connection.

Step 5

Almost there. Now simply select a corresponding device group and a playlist that you would like to be played when the weather is rainy. If all of the steps are successful, the content will change in the future in rainy weather and you can sit back and relax.