Interactions with Actions and Triggers

With viewneo you can also create interactive product presentations and interactive kiosk applications. Additionally, the viewneo Butler system can be used to respond to external triggers via sensors, to enable content or event-driven Digital Signage.

In order to use these functions, one or more of the following Plugins or modules are required:

  • Touch Interaction (more information)
  • Face Recognition Interaction (more information)
  • Butler Interaction (more information)

Touch Interaction

The viewneo Touch Plugin allows you to create interactive presentations in viewneo. By using a touch screen (see additional information under Hardware VS-Touch) users can access content, move between web pages and other content, start videos, and much more on the display. For example, interactive product presentation can be created and information about the users interactions are able to be recorded.

Face Recognition Interaction

With the Plugin Face Recognition Interaction, you can get key information on your visitors. Together with the FR camera module with integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence), this Plugin is able to gather information on key characteristics, such as, the age or gender of those individuals measured by the camera.

Butler Interaction

With this Plugin can access the data provided by the viewneo Butler system.