Content Plugins

Content Plugins are extensions in viewneo that provide additional automated content. Some examples include weather, news, social media content, or special content, such as the viewneo Active Plugin.

There are a variety of both paid and free extensions available. You can see here, how these Plugins can be managed and purchased.


Plugin and LinkCategoryDescription
Instagram PluginSocial MediaThe viewneo Instagram Plugin offers the user the possibility to display Instagram content from a #hashtag or an Instagram @User on their screens.
YouTube PluginSocial MediaThe viewneo YouTube Plugin makes it easy to include Youtube videos in your playlist.
Facebook PluginSocial MediaWith the viewneo Facebook Plugin you have the opportunity to use content from Facebook directly in viewneo as content.
Twitter PluginSocial MediaWith the viewneo Twitter Plugin you can play tweets from individual users and/or tweets of a specific # hashtag as content in a playlist.
Weather PluginNews/WeatherWith the viewneo weather Plugin current weather data and the forecast for the next few days, for a specific location, can be graphically presented.
viewneo Active PluginSpecialThe viewneo Active Plugin offers the user the opportunity to bring popular Fitbit Challenges to the screen.
Soccer PluginSpecialThe viewneo Soccer Plugin offers the user the possibility to display the table or the match day to your favorite football league.
Zendesk PluginSpecialThe viewneo Zendesk Plugin allows the user to display information concerning Zendesk support tickets on their screens.