Hardware / Equipment

So far, only the software and its functions and application has been discussed. In this section of this online manual, you can now find detailed information about the hardware, such as:

  • Digital Signage Player
  • Digital Signage Monitors
  • viewneo special hardware, such as Face Recognition Camera, viewneo Butler, IoT Switches
  • and much more.

Digital Signage Player

Here you can find information about the viewneo digital signage player.

Digital Signage Player

Integrated viewneo Monitors

Here you will find detailed information about all known and recommended by us monitors that can use viewneo directly, without the need of an external player. Such monitors (e.g., Philips D-Series) have already built in an Android-based computer on which viewneo is either pre-installed or can be installed manually.

Monitors with integrated Players

Other Hardware

Here you can find additional information about all of our special hardware solutions:

  • Face recognition
  • Control of IoT devices
  • IoT Hub System (viewneo Butler)
  • and much more.