Content Concept

Content Concept for the Hotel TV

As described here, we have a variety of content that we want to display on the screens throughout the hotel.


The transmission loop (playlist) should consist of the following three types of content. Current information about the hotel, is only displayed when needed.

  1. Welcome picture with logo (1 minute)
  2. Current weather (15 seconds)
  3. Current information of the hotel (only if desired)


In the hotel, the guests access the various floors by using one of two elevators. On each of the three floors, a monitor is mounted between the elevator doors to inform the waiting hotel guests. Also in the interior of the elevators is a smaller display that shows information and advertising.

Inside Display

  1. Event information (if desired)
  2. Restaurant Advertising
  3. Hotel information (if desired)

Between the elevator doors on 3 floors

  1. Event information (if desired)
  2. Directional Signage for events
  3. Local weather (today and forecast)


In the area of the hotel bar, digital signage screens are to be used at two different locations for different purposes. Behind the counter, digital beverage menus promote the products from the bar. In the seating area, a larger screen provides a modern ambience with an international flair.

Cocktail Menu

  1. Cocktail menu with prices
  2. Restaurant Advertising
  3. Hotel information (if desired)


  1. Ambience Videos
  2. Instagram pictures of the hotel
  3. Ambience Videos
  4. Instagram posts with hashtag "Hotelname"

Digital room signage

There are five event rooms located in the hotel, which can be booked for events and are connected to the Digital Signage system. These displays can be connected to the hotel’s general calendar to ensure that they provide up-to-date information on the occupancy of the rooms. Additionally, it can display more detailed information on the event being held in addition to advertising when the room is unoccupied.

  1. Room occupancy (linked to the booking calendar of the room)
  2. If the space is not currently occupied: Restaurant advertising
  3. If the space is not currently occupied: Hotel information (if desired)