viewneo Diwa User Manual

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Important! To set up the device you need a computer (notebook) with WiFi or a smartphone. We recommend the use of a Smartphone.

To set up the device is required:

  1. an internet connection
  2. a computer with WiFi (notebook) or a smartphone
  3. a valid viewneo user account

Package contents

1 xviewneo Diwa

Prepare device

After unpacking the device, the Diwa must be connected to the accessory 12V DC power supply. The charging socket is located on the bottom of the device.

After about 5 minutes the screen should change to the registration screen.

Network setup

For this step you need a smartphone or a PC/notebook with WiFi.

When the Diwa displays the registration screen, it opens a WiFi hotspot that you need to connect to in order to perform the setup. There are now 2 possibilities for this:

Option 1: Scan the QR code to connect to the hotspot

If you have a modern smartphone with a QR code scanner, you can scan the code shown on the display. The smartphone will then automatically connect to the hotspot of the Diwa after you have confirmed this in the smartphone.

Option 2: Connect to the WiFi hotspot manually

You also have the possibility to connect to the hotspot manually. Go to the network settings of your smartphone (or notebook) and select the network that is shown on the display of the Diva:

viewneo Connect Diwa to the network

In order to connect the viewneo Diwa to your network in the now displayed Wifi Manager you now have two options from which you must select one:

1st Configure Wifi

This option displays a list of all available Wlan networks. Now you need to select your own WiFi network and enter the WiFi password. Click the Save button to confirm your entry.

2nd Configure Wifi (No Scan)

This option manually enters the SSID of your WiFi network and the required password. The entry is confirmed by clicking the Save button.

Complete network connection

If one of the two options mentioned above has been passed, the Network Manger will indicate that the Diwa is now trying to establish a network connection with the entered parameters.

The following message appears on the smartphone:

If the network connection has failed, the steps [from "Network setup"](/onlinemanuals/diwa#network setup) must be repeated until a connection is successful.

If the network has been successfully set up, the viewneo Diwa should display one of the following screens at the latest 20 seconds later:

Firmware Update Screen

In this screen, the viewneo Diwa downloads and installs the current firmware version. This process should not take longer than 5 minutes (depending on your internet connection).

After the firmware update, the activation screen is displayed:

After the viewneo Diwa has been successfully connected to the network, it must now be connected to your viewneo user account using the activation key displayed (see next picture).

Add Diwa to your own viewneo user account

Next, the device is linked to your own user account. To do this, log in to the CMS at and select the "Devices" item in the main navigation on the left. In the area Devices click on "Player" with the small plus sign next to it. Now a dropdown opens and you can select the device type.

Create device group for Diwa

If not already done, a device group must be created in which the viewneo Diwa will then be added.

Settings for the group

You can now save general settings in this group, which can be applied to all devices that belong to this group.

Update Interval Here you set how often the Diwa connects to the viewneo server to search for new content.

This setting has a great effect on the battery life of the Diwa! Set a maximum value to ensure a long battery life.

If, for example, the contents are changed a maximum of once a day, it is normally sufficient to set the maximum update interval of 59 minutes. However, this also means that you have to wait up to 59 minutes until the Diwa fetches new content from the servers.

Media file Here you can choose which content the Diwa will display.

In the first version of the Diwa, the content to be displayed is already selected here and not defined by playlists. This will change with the next version from mid April 2020, so that from then on the content will be organized in playlists as usual.

Select media file If you click on the media file icon, the Media Library opens in viewneo. As an example, we select a template from the folder with templates for viewneo Diwa. You can create your own templates or change the existing templates at any time. More information on this topic can be found here](/users-guide/content-organize/add content).

If you click on the folder with the templates for the Diwa, you will see the contents:

Double-click on a template to select the desired content. As an example, we will use the unmodified content as defined in the template.

After confirming that a new content based on the template will be copied into your own media library.

Now you need to select the location where the content will be saved based on the previously selected group. Once you have done this, you will be returned to the group settings window, which you must now confirm.

Add a slide to the new device group

After the group has been created, select this group and then add the new viewneo Diwa by clicking on the plus sign under "Devices".

Now you have to assign a device name and enter the activation code which can be seen on the diwa.

Once you click OK, the settings will be saved and you will get a confirmation that a new device has been created.