Devices and Device Groups

Digital signage players and other hardware (devices) must be registered ("added") in the viewneo CMS user account so that they can be controlled by the content management system. Additionally, other external hardware, such as the viewneo Butler also needs to be registered in order to use it.

A list of some players and other devices can be found under Hardware/Devices.

Devices can be added to viewneo through the"Device tab".The first step is to create a device group. Then you will be able to add individual players to these groups. Device groups can contain one or any number of devices.

Grouping devices has the advantage that all included devices can be managed together through the Group. Thus, screens which are used to display the same content, can be centrally edited as a group.

The following video shows how to add a device to viewneo. A detailed description can be found below in chapters Add Device Groups and Devices in viewneo.