Zendesk Plugin

Using Plugins

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General functions

This Plugin is designed to allow Zendesk support tickets to be easily displayed. It supports both landscape and portrait displays.


  • Display of the number of tickets which are currently open
  • Display the number of tickets from today
  • Display of user satisfaction (calculated on the basis of positive and negative ratings)
  • Display order possible according to priority or last update
  • Show only open or open and waiting tickets
  • Display tickets by agent group or individual agents
  • Display if there are no open tickets

Creating content

Ticket structure

  • High = Priority
  • Color = open (red) or waiting (blue)
  • ID = number of the respective ticket
  • Subject = subject of the ticket
  • Requester = Name of individual who submitted the ticket
  • Submitted = When the ticket was created
  • Updated = When the ticket was updated by the requester or by the support agent

Display types

You can view all open support tickets (open tickets only) or all unresolved support tickets (open and waiting tickets).

Open tickets are represented by a red stripe and tickets which are awaiting a response will display a blue stripe.

Display employee

Here you will have the option of whether the name of an individual agent or an agent group should be displayed. Which chosen group/user will be shown on the screen and in the layout.

Display order

Tickets can be displayed by their priority status or when they were last updated.

1. Display by priority

Priorities of Zendesk: High, Normal, Low, Default / No Priority

The tickets with the highest priority (high) are always displayed at the top, followed by tickets with normal, low and no priority.

If there is no ticket associated with a priority, then this priority is omitted and not displayed.

When a ticket is refreshed but not closed, the next time it displays the content, it will be at the top of its priority. (last updated tickets are up)

2. Display after last update

In this setting there is no display based on the priority. The tickets are displayed one after the other. The ticket which was submitted most recently or the ticket which was last updated is displayed at the top.

No open tickets

If there are no open or waiting tickets, this screen will be displayed with an animation.

Content Layouts