Developing Content for Hotel TV

This chapter will show you how to create content, and then place it into playlists so that it can be broadcast throughout the various areas of the hotel. We’ll start by looking at the elevator TV first, which consists of three monitors (one per floor) that are placed in the space between the two elevator doors.

Important: As you can see from the example above, these screens are mounted in portrait mode. Therefore, the following settings must be set.

To start, we need to go back to the group settings and change the rotation of the content, which is located in the Advanced Settings.

Screen rotation for portrait monitors (Portrait mode)

This setting indicates the rotation of the image on the monitor. If monitors are installed in portrait mode (Portrait), then the content will need to be rotated accordingly. In this case, a value of 90 ° would have to be set clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on how the monitor is mounted on the wall.

All settings for this group:

After we have finished with updating the settings, we can shift to developing content.

The contents of Elevator TV (in portrait mode)

In our case, we have three different sets of content which should be displayed:

  1. Hotel Ambience
  2. Restaurant Advertising
  3. News (and recommendations for guests)