Time & Date formats

With viewneo you can customize the formats which are used to display the date and time. You can find them under the entry “Custom”, and then selecting the “Time format” dropdown. Below the dropdown, an input field will appear where you can specify the desired format.

Behavior of the various settings:

Time format: Date & Time

The date is displayed in the selected (or self-defined) format. The time is placed with the date in the selected format.

Time format: Date Only

The date in the selected format (or self-defined) without time is displayed. (Define time yourself: Link to hint heading - Define time in date)

Time format: Time Only

The time in the selected format is displayed.


If the entry "User-defined" is selected under "Time format", then you can select the format from the input field as shown below. For example, if the date is displayed as May 6, 2018, and the format is “D.M.YY”, the output would be “5.6.18”.

If you would display a separate text with the date, this can specified using square brackets. Example: “DD.MM [TEXT] YYYY”. Further settings for formatting the date can be seen in the table below.

MonthM1 2 ... 11 12
MM01 02 ... 11 12
MMMJan Feb ... Nov Dec
Day of the monthD1 2 ... 30 31
DD01 02 ... 30 31
Day of the yearDDD1 2 ... 364 365
Day of the weekd0 1 ... 5 6
ddMo ... Fr Sa
dddMon ... Fri Sat
Week in the year (ISO)W1 2 ... 52 53
YearYY70 71 ... 29 30
YYYY1970 1971 ... 2029 2030
aam pm
HourH0 1 ... 22 23
HH00 01 ... 22 23
h1 2 ... 11 12
hh01 02 ... 11 12
Minutem0 1 ... 58 59
mm00 01 ... 58 59

More information about formats can be found here.

If you would like to adjust the time format, the time format needs to be set to “Date” and the date format set to “Custom”. In the input field below, only the time can be adjusted (if desired). For example: "H: m A"