Digital Room Signage

With viewneo you can equip rooms with digital door signage. By connecting to a Microsoft® Outlook® or Google Calendar from the Google G-Suite, information about room occupancy can be linked directly with these calendars and the room occupancy will be automatically transferred to the room display.

Digital Room Signage with viewneo and Philips Signage Solutions Multi-Touch Display

Additionally, there is also the possibility to integrate Zapier or IFTTT into your room displays. This option allows you to operate more independently from a calendar of your choice and have the option of creating a connection from viewneo to a third-party booking system. You can find more information on this topic in the viewneo Developer's Guide.

An even easier way then using Zapier or IFTTT is to use the corresponding calendar Plugins from viewneo to directly connect your calendars. The following section explains how to use these Plugins with the digital room signage by viewneo.

Advantages of Digital Room Signage

So you may wonder why you should implement a digital room signage system with viewneo. There are already a number of specialized software providers who include digital room signage in their portfolios. The advantage of using a room signage system that is integrated with a Digital Signage system, is that when a room in unoccupied, you can display other information or advertising. Another advantage is that if you already operate a Digital Signage system then you can add room signage into your offerings seamlessly, without needing to use another company.

Goal: Automatically display the occupancy of a room

One option is to use viewneo and create a template each time you need to indicate that a room is occupied. However, the viewneo calendar Plugin is a much easier and faster way to accomplish this goal. Once the Plugin is setup, you only need to indicate that the room is booked. Then the occupancy of the room is automatically displayed on the correct display at the right time.

Who is digital room signage useful for?

  • Hotels
  • Organizations
  • Meeting rooms
  • Companies with a lot of customer visits
  • Public offices
  • Hospitals

Resources Needed

Required PluginLink
Google Calender PluginDigital door signage with viewneo and the Google Calendar Plugin.
Microsoft® Outlook® Calender PluginDigital door signage with viewneo and Outlook Calendar Plugin.