What is viewneo?


viewneo is a system consisting of hardware and software components, that allow the user to play any digital content, such as pictures or videos on any monitor or TV screen (Digital Signage).

The content and playback behavior are controlled through the viewneo web-based content management system. In order to display content, a player (viewneo player) connected to a monitor is required. In addition to TV screens, larger displays such as LED walls or video walls consisting of several monitors can also be used as displays. Additionally, Tablet PCs can also be used, either individually or in combination to create a variety of different digital displays.

From one to thousands of screens: With viewneo, you can control everything from one to a thousand screens centrally via the Internet.


Digital Signage systems can be used in a variety of applications. Given the current Digital Revolution and transformation occuring with the implementation of Industry 4.0, digital signage is one of the building blocks of modern communication. For everything from advertising to interactive, informational kiosks.

Some Potential Applications:

  • Advertising (Out-Of-Home Advertising, In-Store Advertising, Digital Menus)
  • Information displays (providing current information)
  • Visitor guidance (museums, hotels, public buildings)
  • Employee information (in the workplace, in the canteen, or at reception)
  • Entertainment (i.e. in customer waiting areas)
  • and many more

The minimal equipment - what you need to get started

  1. User Account on www.viewneo.com for content control.
  2. Media Player (viewneo player), connected to the Internet via WiFi or LAN. Alternatively, 1 tablet PC (Android), iPad (IOS). In this case, no screen is required.
  3. Display (TV screen, monitor but also video wall, video projector, etc.)