Digital Signage in Hotels

Hotel-TV with viewneo

There are many examples in which viewneo is used in the hotel industry. We tried to highlight a variety of different ways in this fictitious example, how one could use viewneo for information, ambience and advertising in a hotel.

Table of Content

Concept and Goal

In our example project, the goal is to use Digital Signage to:

  • Create a modern ambience
  • Inform hotel guests faster
  • Better guide hotel guests and
  • To promote events and achievements

To accomplish these different goals we will need to use Digital Signage displays at different locations throughout the hotel. Additionally, the displays will have different content and meanings:


In the lobby, three monitors are used to display welcome images and videos. The main goal here is to welcome the visitors in a modern and interactive style. Hotel guests immediately notice the three monitors on the wall behind the counter. When guests have to wait, the lobby TV also serves to use the time to lessen perceived latency. Up-to-date and important information for hotel guests can also be displayed if required.


In the hotel there are two elevators. In the interior small monitors are installed. They draw the attention of the guests during the ride in the elevator and show current event information and hotel information. The on-site restaurant is advertised daily on these screens. All guests use the elevators and thus they are an important key point for advertising and information.

Also between the elevator doors on the individual floors, is a large Digital Signage display in portrait format. When guests have to wait for the elevator, moving-image advertising can help to shorten the perceived wait time. Due to the wait, attention to the display is almost guaranteed. On these displays hotel information and event information can be displayed. Additionally, a daily weather forecast can also provide information to the guests before they head out for the day.


The hotel bar is to be equipped with two screens, which advertise the drinks at the bar (cocktails). An additional screen located at a further distance is designed to display images from famous cities around the world (New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, etc.). Additionally, photos from the hotel's social media stream (Instagram) and a live photo wall with the photos taken by hotel guests and the hashtag "Hotelname" posted on Instagram are displayed.

Digital room signage with calendar connection

The hotel's five event rooms receive digital room signage. 10-inch displays are placed directly next to the entrances of the event rooms. By connecting to the calendar used by the hotel, the occupancy of the rooms is displayed automatically. If rooms are unoccupied, then restaurant advertising and other important hotel information will be displayed, if available. Therefore, these displays never go unused, and as soon as a room booking is made, the display is automatically updated..

Centralized and local content

Despite the variety of different locations and applications of the screens, there is some content which should be displayed on all screens. Ideally, this content should only have to be created once and then automatically distributed to the designated displays. viewneo allows for the development of corporate templates that ensure that the general theme of the hotel is consistent across the brand, while also allowing for local operations to provide customized content to their guests.