Beginner's Guide

Getting Started with viewneo Digital Signage

The Beginner's Guide of the viewneo online manual is focused on explaining the basics. It is designed for users who have no previous experience with viewneo, or perhaps no experience with Digital Signage systems.

What is viewneo?What exactly is viewneo and what do you do with it?
The SoftwareAn overview of the basic features of viewneo and how they can be used.
The HardwareA short overview of the viewneo hardware with a list of the most common Digital signage players used with viewneo. Later in the hardware chapter you will find more detailed information about hardware components.
Create AccountWe explain how to create a user account and use it to sign in to viewneo.
Activate licenseIf you have purchased a license key: How to activate a license in viewneo.
Subscription Price ModelAn overview and FAQs on the viewneo Subscription model.
Install playerStep-by-step instructions to connect and control a player with a user account.