Kiosk Mode Plugin

How to Use the Plugin

Additional information on how to unlock Plugins can be found here.

The viewneo Kiosk Mode Plugin provides you with a way to protect your displays from unauthorized interactions. When it is active, unauthorized individuals are unable to change the settings within the viewneo Player app. If the screen is touched when the Kiosk Mode Plugin is activated, or if an interaction is performed by a connected input device, a dialog box will open that allows authorized users to enter a PIN code.

Plugin Settings

To set up the Kiosk Mode, go to the “Configuration” tab and then select from within the device or device group settings. The required setting options are located in the “Advanced Settings”. Once you have arrived at the options, you will find the menu option “Access protection”. You will now have the option to set a PIN code by selecting “Save with PIN”. The PIN code can be from 4 to 20 characters long and consist of letter, numbers, and special characters.