Integration and Automation

In this section we discuss the various ways that viewneo can be integrated with other software.

Through our in-house API interface it is possible to connect viewneo with your own applications and create a truly unique Digital Signage solution.

For our customers who are not familiar with writing code, we have developed an interface to Zapier. This allows viewneo to interact with over 1000 different apps and programs. So next time you have to do the same thing over and over, give this integration a try and automate your processes.


Plugin and LinkDescription
API PluginThe open API interface makes it possible to access the content management system from viewneo using third-party software or your own program code.
Zapier PluginWith the help of Zapier, many different platforms such as Google (calendar, Docs, etc.), weather providers, Slack, Twitter or Gmail can be linked with viewneo, so that certain processes can be automated.