Function Plugins

These Plugins are designed to expand the functionality of viewneo. In contrast to the content Plugins, they do not provide additional content, but rather expand the system.


Plugin and LinkDescription
Display Timer PluginThe viewneo Display Timer Plugin allows you to easily switch your screens on and off.
Kiosk Mode PluginProtect your displays from unauthorized access with this Plugin.
Live Ticker PluginWith the Live Ticker Plugin, you can run messages across the screen and alert your customers, visitors and employees to events, offers and important information.
Content Sharing PluginWith the viewneo Content Sharing Plugin it is possible to share content with other users. This content includes individual slides, templates or entire folders of content.
Web-Interaction PluginWith the Interaction Plugin and a touch-enabled screen, you can add touch-enabled interactions on your displays.
Template PluginThe Template Plugin makes it easier for you to create slides using self-made templates.
Live View PluginSee everything that is happening on your screens, live.
RS-232 PluginTurn your screens on or off, even when you're not around.
Touch ElementsCreate interactive areas within your content and set actions that will occur with a click or a touch. These areas can then be used as jumping off points to help the viewer navigate between different content.
Screen SyncAre you looking for a way to efficiently realize complex digital signage projects like video walls? Then the viewneo ScreenSync Plugin is exactly what you have been looking for!
Smart PlaylistThe viewneo Smart Playlist Plugin extends the functionality of your viewneo playlists. It allows you to create events that let you jump to any content in your playlist.
RSS FeedEmbed RSS feeds of your choice in templates or slides, or show them as a ticker in the viewneo live ticker.
viewneo Reportsviewneo Reports provides you with detailed analysis of your content in just a few clicks. Track what content was played, when, how often, and on what devices.
Access Control PluginThis Plugin helps to protect your mobile devices from unauthorized access.
Channel Logo PluginDisplay your own logo on the screen.