Digital Room Signage

In our example, the hotel uses a Google Calendar as part of the G-Suite to manage their room booking system. Google’s powerful calendar tool includes calendar resource management. In our case, the resources that we want to manage are the conference rooms located at the hotel. However, resources could also be projectors, company cars, guest offices, recreational areas, or anything that someone can reserve for a certain period of time.

Advantages of Digital Room Signage

In addition to providing information on the status of a room, the hotel operators are also able to use the room displays to show information on upcoming events or provide advertising. This helps to turn an information system (status of a room) into a complete Digital Signage solution.

With viewneo, the displays for room occupancy can also be used for advertising or information if the room signage is currently not required.

Goal: Automatically display the occupancy of a room

One option is to use viewneo and create a template each time you need to indicate that a room is occupied. However, the viewneo calendar Plugin is a much easier and faster way to accomplish this goal. Once the Plugin is setup, you only need to indicate that the room is booked. Then the occupancy of the room is automatically displayed on the correct display at the right time.

Room assignments are automatically displayed with the calendar plugin. All you have to do is book a room in Google Calendar or Exchange. There is no need to make additional edits in the viewneo CMS.

Digital room signage for the hotel's conference rooms with the Google Calendar and the Calendar Plugin

Required PluginLink for more information
Google Calender PluginDigital door signage with viewneo and the Google Calendar Plugin.