RS-232 Plugin

Plugin Properties

By using the viewneo RS-232 Plugin you get the possibility to switch your screens on or off in a timed manner. With this function it is possible to reduce costs for energy consumption and to increase the life expectancy of the screen used.

Important: The RS-232 Plugin is an extension for the plugin Display Timer. To be able to use this plugin, the viewneo players must also be connected to the screen via an RS232 cable. It should be checked beforehand whether the monitor used has an RS-232 interface.

How to Use the Plugin

After activating the viewneo RS-232 Plugin, you will find the advanced settings under the timer settings for devices and device groups. The hexadecimal codes for switching the device or the device group on or off must be entered here. In addition, the values for the "baud rate", "parity", "data bits" and "stop bits" must also be entered.

Tip: We recommend this software to test the hexadecimal commands CoolTerm

Please refer to the operating instructions of the device to find out which values are required for the monitor being used. If there is no data for these settings, please contact the device manufacturer.

!!!Note: When using the RS-232 interface on device groups, please note that all devices in this group should be the same model or from the same manufacturer. Otherwise undesirable behavior can occur.