Access Control Plugin

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This Plugin is designed to help protect your mobile devices against unauthorized access. It also allows you to set an alarm that will be activated if the device is moved without permission. Unlike our other Plugins, you only need to purchase one Plugin per account, regardless of the numbers of displays that are associated with your account.

To use the Access Control Plugin, the first step is to click-on the device groups-> Devices-> Advanced settings, and then on "Access protection". Additionally, you can also adjust the settings via the device group and have the device accept the settings.

The dropdown menu displays all of the available options and allows you to choose one that works best for you.

If you have selected the option "secure by pin", then a PIN will need to be entered. This ensures that the device is protected and will need to be entered in order to unlock the device.

The last step is make sure that all changes to the settings are saved, so they can be implemented.