Can I Control a Video Wall with viewneo?

Yes! With viewneo you can also operate video walls. In addition to our traditional method of setting up a video wall, we also offer our new Screen Sync Plugin which is designed to make setting up a video wall easier than ever before. You can find more information about the Screen Sync Plugin in the Plugin section.

How many viewneo players do you need to create a video wall?

In order to install a video wall, or different screens that are installed close to each other displaying the same content, one viewneo player is enough. Using an HDMI splitter, the screens can be connected and the signal is distributed synchronously on the different screens.

If you want to install a video wall, the corresponding video wall monitors already have a distribution function on board. This is called DVI or DP daisy chain. Here you connect the player with the first screen and then the signal is routed through the corresponding connections. Now you just have to make the respective settings on the screen to set it to video wall.

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