Butler Setup Wizard

Initial setup with a smartphone

When the Butler is setup for the first time, it will automatically go into setup mode and launch a WiFi hotspot.

Butler "Bow Tie" flashing blue: Setup mode

You can see that the Butler is in setup mode when the LED status located on the front is flashing blue.

To continue with the setup process, you will need to connect a smartphone with the Butler WiFi hotspot. To do this, go into the settings of the smartphone and select the WiFi network of the Butler. The SSID will be in the form: viewneo_butler_xxxx (refer to the table below). Every x represents a number. Once the smartphone is successfully connected to the hotspot, go to the following URL in the browser: http://butler.setup (refer to the table below). The Butler’s setup wizard will not start in the browser.

SSIDviewneo_butler_XXXX'XXXX' is representative of a random 4-digit number sequence. Examples: viewneo_butler_4544 or viewneo_butler_9836
URLhttp://butler.setupEnter this URL in a browser on your smartphone to access the setup wizard.

Once the smartphone has been connected to the hotspot of the viewneo Butler and the URL of the setup wizard (http://butler.setup) has been called up in the browser of the smartphone, you will be asked to select your language preference.

The next step is to determine how the Butler will be connected to the Internet. You can select between Ethernet (wired) or WiFi (wireless).

There are a variety of network settings which are available to be configured. Depending on whether a DHCP server (most frequently) used or if the settings are made manually, the following settings are available:

Connection type (required)Ethernet / WIFINetwork connection wired or wireless via WLAN (WIFI)
IP configuration (required)DHCP / StaticDHCP (standard) enables the network to be routinely configured by the router (with the DHCP server enabled)
SSID (required by WIFI)HomeNetworkName of the WIFI network
Password (required by WIFI)some_passwordPassword for the WIFI network
IP (necessary if DHCP = false) IP for the Butler
Gateway (necessary if IP configuration = static) of the Internet Gateway (e.g., router)
Subnet (necessary if IP configuration = static)
DNS1 (necessary if IP configuration = static) DNS server
DNS2 (necessary if IP configuration = static) DNS server

The LED status display contains a variety of information concerning the status of the Butler.